MIPS 2012 - Review

Comments to the Symposium


»I got many inspirations from the presentations and discussions with the participants.«

»Inspiring atmosphere, lots of interesting ideas. Coming from a different field I got interested in microoptics now.«

»Topics of the presentations and interests of the participants in the symposium were focused well.«

»I liked the industry/R&D/academia mixture.«

»I deeply appreciate your invitation and hope to see you again.«

»Good balance between people from industry and academics and easy access to presenters.«

»The symposium as a whole was very efficient and helpful in terms of understanding and following the recent problems, solutions and trends in the fields of microoptics and lightfield imaging especially.«

program commitee 2012

Andreas Bräuer
Fraunhofer IOF

Hendrik Lensch
University of Tuebingen

Sabine Suesstrunk

Marcus Magnor
University of Braunschweig

Jun Arai

Jun Tanida
University of Osaka

Bernd Jähne
University of Heidelberg

Tudor Georgiev

Sechang O
City of Gumi